The Real Reasons Why Recycled Fabric Helps the Fashion Industry

Being eco-friendly, sustainable, and overall “green” is something that’s overtaken the fashion industry in recent years. It started with high-end brands who would sell their 100% alpaca wool socks for thousands of dollars. Thankfully, eco-friendliness has trickled its way down to fast fashion outlets and brands that normal people can afford.


So how exactly does recycled fabric help the industry? What are the real benefits behind it all? Let’s take a look—you might be surprised by the answers you find!

Recycled Fabric Needs Less Energy to Turn Itself into Something Tasteful

Most recycled fabrics are polyester (which is a plastic). So, when you get a dress or shoes made of recycled polyester, it uses plastic that’s already been refined and processed.


Maybe it’s weird to think of clothes made from plastic, but that’s what gives it so much stretch or waterproofing. Take our Mindful Collection as an example: beachwear made from polyester that’s on point, stretchy, and made from recycled fabric.


Avoid the Landfill with Recycled Fabrics

Fast fashion is an industry that produces a lot of fabric. When trends change, so do the products on like ShBang! The downside is that a lot of people end up throwing up untrendy items once they’re done, and that means landfill food.


But with recycled fabrics and companies that use them, like us, we can avoid the landfill and turn that untrendy thing into something new and exciting.


Less Carbon Emissions from Recycled Fabrics

As with anything that gets produced in some sort of manufacturing environment, textiles (like clothes) produce greenhouse gas emissions. More emissions are produced when products are created from scratch. Recycled fabrics don’t release as much because they’re already made, they just need to be redesigned or repurposed.


The fashion industry will never go away (thankfully), but that doesn’t mean it has to be as wasteful as it has been in the past. Recycled fabrics help the fashion industry by decreasing energy consumption, harmful emissions, and waste. Recycling is the future of the industry, so stay on trend and look out for that little recycled symbol on your next look.

Saif Alom